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Dear Dogz

Posted by on 13 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: The DEERz, The DOGz

As spring approaches, I’m sorry to say that our dear Dogz are departed. They lived long and loved lives and their unquestioning loyalty and love (if an animal can indeed love) will be always remembered and sorely missed. It’s just Grandma and Cadie against the deerz now.

Why Green Grass

Posted by on 02 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: Growing Things, The DEERz, The DOGz

The theme that I selected is soooo appropriate. This is my first WordPress site, usually I use Joomla. I about died when I saw this theme was built in as one of Marilyn’s passions is the yard. We are fortunate to live outside of the city limits and to have a well, because I can guarantee you that I would have to be even more successful than I already am if I had to pay for all of the water that goes into the ground around here. Of course the results are as to be expected with anything that Marilyn does. (despite the ever present, fearless enemy, the DEERz 🙁 ).

For those of you who have had their minds poisoned by Bambi, I’m here to tell you that the DEERz are the evilest, vilest creatures in the known universe (ours anyway). They are like giant cocharoaches with antlers. They tippy toe into the yard at all hours of the night and eat EVERYTHING; young tree leaves, tender new rose growth, freshly planted plants of all varieties. It wouldn’t be so bad if they just tippy toed in at night, but the truth is they pretty much wander around the edges of the property at all hours of the day, waiting for Marilyn to let her guard down for a second so that they can devour some more.

Me, being the smart male that I am, thought that my best friends the DOGz would naturally and vigorously defend our home on the range and keep us from the evil DEERZ. However, I think that the DOGz are defective. Their best defense against the DEERz is to lay stealthily in the middle of the yard and swipe their tails back and forth lazily while the DEERz do pretty much whatever they want.

Marilyn has found a new helper in her fight against the DEERz, our grand daughter Caddie. Caddie has taken to shouting at the DEERz at the top of her little two year old voice. When that doesn’t work she toddles her brown little body toward them in defiance, screaming all the way. I think she is becoming quite proficient. I’m trying to get her to teach the DOGz a thing or two, but they will have nothing of it.