I have to confess, whether or not my wife was a good cook was probably the LAST thing on my mind when I first saw those sparkling blue eyes and cute little southern belle figure. Obviously, we guys don’t take a long term view of these things (at times).

Fortunately, I lucked out. My lovely wife Marilyn is a skilled culinary queen. (I have an expanded waste line to as a proud testimony to her abilities in the kitchen). There isn’t anything that Marilyn doesn’t cook well. When she experiments because she was watching Rachel Ray or Emeril (her faves) I know that I’m in for a special treat.

It isn’t her culinary forays that I’m here to testify to though. I’m here to pronounce the joys of my wife Marilyn’s normal everyday cooking.

Maybe they’re not normal and everyday, I don’t know.

I do know that while her shrimp paella, while exquisite, does not stand above her scalloped ham and potatoes.

Her delectable fajitas, a common menu item at our house, because of all of our time in Texas, are absolutely overshadowed by her melt in your mouth, perfectly spiced enchiladas.

The way she bakes a chicken or two (depending upon whether the kids are coming over not) is unrivaled when joined by her mashed potatoes (which she insists MUST NOT BE FROM A BOX) and that southern delicacy, black eyed peas.

The remains of the bird become those mouthwatering enchiladas.

If there is still something left (I do manage to resist to a certain degree which is why I’ve managed to lose 8 lbs in the last six weeks), that turns into a wonderful pot of chicken and noodles.

(Okay, I’m salivating now…maybe this wasn’t a good idea)

As you can tell from my other postings, I am completely enamored of my wife Marilyn. Her cooking was just a great bonus!

Gotta go, I’m starved and I smell something good coming from the kitchen.