April 2008

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It’s Spring!

Posted by on 13 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: dancing, music, spring

It’s gotta be spring.

There have been multiple sightings of a cute blonde lady throwing the doorz open and playing my Sirius radio at the top of its lungs (or whatever boomboxes have that act like lungs). Of course the channel is the Sirius Gold channel (005 for those in the know).

We were driving back from church today with the tunes blasting and we both happened to note that when we were growing up they weren’t “oldies.” Wow, guess that makes us at the very least “older.” It’s hard to believe though as My Wife Marilyn is so full if energy and really hasn’t aged a bit.

I’m sure you’d agree if you ever got a glimpse of her dancing across the living room floor 😉

Dear Dogz

Posted by on 13 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: The DEERz, The DOGz

As spring approaches, I’m sorry to say that our dear Dogz are departed. They lived long and loved lives and their unquestioning loyalty and love (if an animal can indeed love) will be always remembered and sorely missed. It’s just Grandma and Cadie against the deerz now.