Welcome to the wonderful world of MyWifeMarilyn.com.  What started out as a joke is now reality.  This is a place to extol the virtues of my WONDERFUL wife Marilyn.  I didn’t make the domain name mywonderfulwifemarilyn.com as that would be redundant and very long.

You won’t find anything racy here.  Just my idle ramblings about the love of my life, her tenacity, gentleness, and everything neat that I can write about in a G rated blog (the grandchildren might stumble upon the site 😉 ).

If you’re not a family member or friend you’ll probably want to move along, although overall there is a lesson or two to be had if you’ll listen, as Marilyn has patiently put up with yours truly for 26 years. (That’s part of what makes her wonderful!)

If you’re reading this and you are my wonderful wife Marilyn then just know that I HAD TO DO THIS.  I’ve spent so much time on the computer in all the years we’ve been married doing stuff that paid the bills that I thought I would use some of that expertise to extol the virtues of the one person who has made my life full and blessed.

I luv ya babe 😉