I got all teary eyed reading this stuff.

I just got done bragging about My Wife Marilyn’s ability to see and remodel to make a house something special, and I’m just losing it.

You see, this site is dedicated to the love of my life, and sometimes you just gotta cry cuz you love someone so much.

A couple of our friends came out on a motorbike this week to give us an estimate for some work on the living room.  They like the bike thing, although the wife doesn’t like riding on gravel so she got on at the bottom of the hill when they left.

What’s that got to do with My Gorgeous Wife Marilyn? (who you wouldn’t catch on a motorcycle to save her soul, although you might find her driving a tank if she could find someone to let her)

Well, I’ll tell you.

You see, the night before our friends came out, another couple, a little older than Marilyn and I, were riding down the road not more than three miles from here when a deer jumped in front of them and caused them to to crash terribly.  In an instant the husband and wife were torn apart never again to know the joy of her arms hugging him as they go down the road on some beautiful cool summer evening.

You see, she’s gone.

Those of you who know us, know that we are people of faith.  If you aren’t then you need to be, because letting Jesus guide you in life makes life into what it was always meant to be.

My sadness, my melancholy, my tears are not from fear of old age, or even of death.  Our Lord has taken away death’s sting, and I know in Whom I have believed!  Marilyn does too! I hope that you do as well.

But you see, it’s been a rather rough year or two or 10.  You know how it goes, you’re always so busy trying to get through, help others, balance work and home.

We have our moments together and they are blessed, but we have so many apart.

I really can’t tell you in words how she still makes me feel when I see her across the room.  Her spell melts away the years and the cares and the worries and my most desperate desire is to keep the deer from jumping in front of her, literally or figuratively.

There is nothing that gives me joy like when she is joyful.

There is nothing that makes me sadder than to see her sad.

When the world is not right I hate that I cannot fix it.

If I could I would give her everything she desired.

As it is, I know that she would tell me that it really doesn’t matter.

Save for my Lord Jesus, Marilyn is my everything and I will ever cherish her.

I love My Wife Marilyn!