If you can’t tell, I’m thoroughly in love with my wife.

Yeah, I’m still a knucklehead guy, a sinner, and as imperfect as the sin that I war against, but I love my wife.

She completes me.

I still look into her eyes and see the love of my life, even as I did the day I first laid eyes on her.

She is my everything, and when she is sick it kills me.

Now she has pneumonia and I am desperately pleading with all of you to please pray that God would heal that pneumonia and give me back my baby.

I promise that I will give Him all the glory and the honor for healing her, and for removing the taunting shadow that the enemy has placed in my view today.

You see there is another dread possibility that I will not speak, and I know that if I claim God’s power and victory over it that it will never manifest itself. ┬áThis will be only to God’s glory if it is His will.

Even if that dread shadow shall become real, yet will I trust my God.

He made me.

He made Marilyn.

In a vast universe on a planet smaller than a speck of dust in that universe, on a planet with more than 5.5 billion people when we were born, God brought us together.

Nice job God.

Thank you so much.

I must always remember that you love me, Marilyn, our kids, our grandkids, so much that you became flesh and bore all of our sins and then you choose us to be your sheep and spared us from an eternity in outer darkness, separation and pain.

And you made Marilyn.

You gave her those sparkling blue eyes that warm my soul and make me feel young and alive.

You gave her her heart that she hides so well, but which is filled with passion and love for You, for me, for our kids and so many others.

You gave her her faith.

You gave her her prayers.

Good job God…I know that you made a vast spectacular universe that defies description, but the amazement I feel when I look at my wife makes the universe seem small and boring.

To those of you who read this, don’t ever take for granted times when you ask God to heal someone and their illness turns out to be less serious than you first thought.

It was not some mistake and you didn’t over react.

God just took the problem away and you better make dang sure that you let Him know that YOU KNOW that He did that.

Even as I still do when I think back about the heart rending situation we faced when a spot showed up in the chest of our daughter Brittany when we lived in Katy.

We prayed.

We trusted.

Certainly there was a logical explanation for the spot and by the time our prayers had reached our Father, that logical explanation became the end result.

So I pray it will be with my precious wife as we face pneumonia.

I won’t go into details.

God knows them.

I will ask you all to pray and I will trust that even if there is a logical explanation, God will receive no less honor, or glory or praise from me, a lowly sinner, saved by Him and blessed to be called into those plans which He made for me before the foundation of the Earth.

Marilyn, I hate when you are sick.

God, I hate when Marilyn is sick.

Please make her better.