Ii. At the time of approval of the loan, a letter of sanction/maturity sheet is sent to the applicant, indicating the sanctioned loan, the annualized interest rate (including the method of application), penalty interest or late payment fees (in case of late payment beyond maturity), as well as conditions. SFSPL retains written acceptance of these terms and conditions. The purpose of this Fair Practices Code (CFP) is to provide clients with an overview of the practices SFSPL follows to treat us. The scope of this document is limited to the financial services provided to the client during his business relationship with SFSPL. It is based on the fair practices code rules, as defined by the Reserve Bank of India. Kustomer allows companies to aggregate customer conversations from different channels into one screen and automate some of the responses to buyers. The company already offers its services on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. ii. Any decision to recall or expedite payment due to the client`s performance under the financing agreement is in accordance with the terms of the financial contract. Our approach to risk grading is not intended to distinguish borrowers` thinking rates, but to adjust the interest rate to the amount of the loan. The decision to offer a loan and the fixed interest rate are therefore carefully considered and applied on the basis of the agreement-by-deal and taking into account the associated level of risk. Personal financial services are a difficult thing to do to form a mental model.

If we understand exactly how a service works, who the provider is, who the seller is, how it makes money and where to fit into its scheme, then we can only make better decisions. This Fair Practice Code (CPF) applies to clients and their transactions with SFSPL in the placement and management of their financing agreements within the SFSPL. It is based on the fair practices code rules, as defined by the Reserve Bank of India. The official language for all communications within the company or with third parties is English. All communications to the borrower are made in English or the language of the principal understood by the borrower and intimate to the company. In this context, a statement on the language they have understood is requested by all of our borrowers. This statement is part of the loan agreement itself. SFSPL would include in its loan documents all the necessary information that influenced the borrower`s interests, so that the borrower would make a relevant assessment of the terms.