But unless you`re an emerging bridge burner (or relationship killer), you want to approach a disagreement or conflict in order to find a solution. It`s not about “winning,” even if you know you`re right. If you “win” then “lose” your partner, and do you really want to make your spouse a loser? I hope not. If your arguments arise from such problems, we recommend that you do our healthy relationships quiz to learn more about the dynamics of healthy relationships. This may seem like a no-brainer to some, but it can become a huge problem if you are not careful. Fortunately, if you are honest, nothing bad should come from a bad relationship between parents and partners. You have history. You have been through a lot together — many relationships have taken years, if not decades, to get to this point. Your partner knows you better than anyone, and they will be there for you, like no one else can.

Before you lose hope, try these nine tips on how to save your relationship. Maybe it`s a little tiff or maybe it turns into a blow-out, but somehow it doesn`t help you support each other, be there for each other and feel as happy as possible. Get out of your rut relationship and solve these fights once and for all; Here`s how to solve 7 of the most common relationship problems, so you can never fight again. I`ve always hated conflict. When I was younger, I let out the circulation of people who hurt me or who have harmed me in the hope of having a conflict-free existence. Sometimes I would be a little passive-aggressive if I had to interact with someone who had me off. About six months after a serious relationship with my friend, we began to experience great conflicts. We fought on small things, we dispelled the misunderstandings, we just couldn`t get on the same side of anything.

That`s what got me thinking about relationship conflicts in general, what causes it and how I have to deal with it. Imagine – you`re together, what seems to be eternal, you`re extremely busy working on your career/children/housework/everything you mentioned above, and you`re lucky if you kiss your good evening with other important people before bedtime. Sounds familiar? While it`s a blessing to have someone so constant in your life, you know they`ll be there even if you`re not inclined to your relationship, it doesn`t mean you can take a blessing for granted. Make sure neither of you places the other on the back burner, even if life is busy. In a healthy relationship, you and your partner can communicate openly about what bothers you and what is going well in the relationship. It is important to talk not only about the problems of the relationship, but also about the positive so that no one feels that they are doing everything wrong. If you feel you can`t talk openly about important things, such as life issues, money, aspirations and the whole image that scares or cares about you, it`s a sign that your relationship can be unhealthy.