Guidelines for monitoring doctoral procedures in cooperation From: Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: recommendations for the establishment of supervisory contracts. Form DFG 1.90 – 7/08 The PhD is a scientific qualification phase during which follow-up by an experienced scientist in the context of the necessary independent scientific activity is very important to create and develop research skills. For this reason, leading scientific organizations recommend that PhD students and facilitators enter into a monitoring agreement. A supervisory agreement based on a personal interview between the doctoral student and the tutor, in which both agree on the broad cooperative doctoral process and the form of supervision. Part of the agreement may also include specific measures arising from the doctoral student`s particular situation, for example. B conciliation agreements between work and family life. What should a monitoring contract at least contain? At the FSU, written monitoring agreements are required to allow a faculty to host a Doctoral student. The monitoring agreement covers the relationship between PhD students and their superiors and hence the university. The rights and obligations and expectations of both parties are written down in the agreement.

Surveillance is never standardized; each doctoral student has individual needs and requirements. To what extent supervision is required, what appropriate forms of control and what rights and obligations are defined and refined in the relationship between PhD students and their superiors. It is best to specify this relationship in writing at the beginning of the promotion and to return to it during the promotion and, if necessary, to review that definition. This monitoring agreement may include specific traditions of an area of expertise and individual specifications for each doctoral student (. B for example, family obligations, professional life). These agreements allow for regular and mandatory long-term monitoring meetings. In addition, concrete expectations can be planned for these meetings. These agreements can also be terminated as part of a transparent process. Most faculties offer models of agreements on their websites.

The Graduate Academy also offers a sample according to the guidelines of the DFG: GA Sample Supervision Agreement (Word) GA Sample Supervision Agreement (PDF) A supervisory agreement is an individual agreement and can be adapted over time to the development of the PhD.