…. Previously, a high-seas sales contract was signed between M/s. Ashoka Buildcon Ltd. and Ashoka Buildcon-Valecha Engineering Ltd. (joint venture). He also admitted that the NHAI… issued the certificate of importance for the purchase of the equipment in the name of the joint venture and to facilitate the evacuation of the crusher, the transfer documents, i.e. the contract of sale on the high seas… Implementation of the Chittorgarh bypass project and the high-seas sales contract was made to facilitate the bid of the Bill of Entry on behalf of the joint venture and with the exception of 2% of the CAF value as… Let me list the most important document requirements for offshore sales. The insurance certificate is one of the seven most important documents the importing country needs for sales on the high seas. This insurance certificate also had to be duly validated by the seller of the high seas for the benefit of the deep sea buyer for the benefit of the deep sea buyer in the sales on the high seas. …

check the quality and quantity of goods by the buyer in the loading port. Subsequently, the complainant and respondent 1, a Crown corporation, entered into a sale on the high seas … Under the high-seas sale contract, respondent 1 should have approved the bill of lading in favour of the applicant, but that the same thing had never been done and the issue… On behalf of respondent 1, against the fact that the purchase agreement on the high seas is merely a means of importing this ore into India by the applicant, and that respondent 1 is merely a… Shakespeare Sarani, Calcutta – 700 071. Subsequently, Petitioner No. 2 entered into another contract for sale on the high seas on October 1, 2008, with respondent No. 5 being the appeasement company of… respondent No. 6.

The bill of lading was also carried out, on the basis of the high seas sales contract in question, by the petitioners for the benefit of investigation No. 5 in question. 1 and 4 that respondent No. 5 is a commercial concern of respondent 1 and 2 and respondent No. 6 and that, as such, the high seas sale contract could be entered into with respondent No. 5… 7 Important documents required for import authorization in the event of a high seas sale A copy of the car letter, along with other import documents, must be attached to the sale on the high seas. As the bill of lading is a document of the title, such a copy of the bill of lading must be approved in favour of the purchaser of the high seas by the transfer of the right of the goods to the latter. The same goods can be sold more than once on the high seas. In such cases, the HSS agreement should provide guidance on past divestitures of securities. The last buyer of HSS should also receive copies of the previous HSS agreements, as they can benefit from customs.

HSS is considered a sale outside the territorial jurisdiction of India. As a result, HSS does not collect a revenue tax. The right of goods is transferred to the purchaser of HSS before the importation of goods into the territorial jurisdiction of India. Originally issued by the first seller under High Sea Sale. As I explained in my other articles on the same site, High Sea Sale transaction could be carried out more than twice. Therefore, the import invoice issued by the first seller to the first buyer is considered one of the requirements for high-seas sales documents.