For more information on the benefits and features of the open value licensing program, visit Microsoft`s website:, open value subscription Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EAS) are enterprise licensing programs for companies with 250 computers that are willing to choose the Microsoft platform as the enterprise standard. As part of the enterprise contract and enterprise agreement, the organization licenses Microsoft`s commodities with annual payments for all PCs used. Open Value Subscription is a software lending program for small and medium-sized businesses. If the company has a limited budget to purchase software, Microsoft offers the most cost-effective way to license software in such circumstances – rentals. Software rental or subscription allows you to get a flexible licensing agreement at a minimum cost, so you can only pay for the licenses the company needs each year. The agreement gives you the right to use the latest software, increase, reduce the number of licenses or completely abandon licenses. Microsoft Software Assurance is a Microsoft support program designed to help business license customers get the most out of their purchased software. WITHIN SA, a universal software renewal mechanism, as well as a set of free services and tools that contribute to the effective planning, development and implementation of new products and solutions, training IT staff, reducing technical assistance costs, etc.