b) The employer sets and provides for the weekly rest day of its workers subject to the collective agreement and the rules and regulations that the Minister of Labour and Labour may provide for. However, the employer respects the preference of workers over their weekly day of rest when this preference is based on religious reasons. If the application of a wage increase imposed under a law or wage order enacted by a regional council distorts the wage structure within a company, the employer and the union negotiate the correction of distortions. All disputes resulting from wage distortions are settled through the appeal procedure as part of their collective agreement and, if left unresolved, by voluntary conciliation. Unless otherwise agreed between the parties in writing, such a dispute will be resolved by the voluntary arbitrators within ten (10) calendar days from the date on which the dispute was referred to voluntary arbitration proceedings. You can write to your employer that before you are included in certain trainings/seminars, etc., you should get your consent. You cannot use this clause to keep yourself unfairly as your employee. I believe that if you signed the treaty in the circumstances you mentioned, your consent could be compromised by inappropriate and inappropriate influence. You can resign if you want. My attachment is rest. In my contract, the loan starts at the end of the training (borrowing – day 1).

If I decided to leave the company within 6 months, I have to pay 100% of the training fee, the seventh month up to a year I have to pay 50%. (b) Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of sections 129 and 217 of this Code and where the relationship between the employer and the worker still exists, the Minister of Labour and Labour or his duly qualified representatives are empowered to adopt compliance orders for the achievement of labour standards under this code and other labour laws based on the findings of the inspection by labour and labour safety officers. The secretary or his duly authorized representatives issue the enforcement of their orders to the competent authority, unless the employer challenges the findings of the employment and enforcement officer and raises questions supported by documentary evidence that was not taken into account during the review. (In the “Republic Act No. 7730” version of June 2, 1994). Article 138. Classification of some female workers. – Any woman who may or suffers in a nightclub, cocktail lounge, massage clinic, bar or other similar facilities under the effective control or supervision of the employer, with or without compensation, set by the Minister of Labour and Employment, is considered to be employed by this institution for the purposes of labour and social affairs legislation. The remaining employees argued that management had “forced” them to sign as part of the company`s voluntary savings program. They are concerned, however, that the 3% reduction in training salary will not be returned to them, as it was not included in the package conditions.

(b) a male worker`s preference over a female worker in terms of transportation, training opportunities, scholarships and scholarships solely on the basis of gender. (d) Where the collective agreement or other applicable employment contract provides for the payment of a premium salary higher than that provided for in this article, the employer pays the higher rate. There was only one year of obligation for 2 months of training in Japan for me The Minister of Labour and Employment can, by appropriate regulations, restrict or prohibit the granting of labour to protect the rights of workers established in accordance with this code. In the event of a prohibition or restriction, it may make a reasonable distinction between employment contracts and differentiations within these types of contracts and determine who, among those concerned, should be considered an employer for the purposes of this code in order to avoid any violation or otherwise of a provision of that code.