i) The agent recommends, and the HCA approves the first bridge contracts. The HCA may delegate to the ORC the authority to authorize measures of up to $1 million. Conventions are valuable in bridges, because information must go beyond a simple similarity or aversion to a certain colour of a certain colour and because the limited bidding space can be used more effectively by taking a conventional (artificial) meaning for a given call, where a natural meaning would be less useful, because the information it would communicate has no value or because the desire the Information Commission and the Commission of Information The security and security of traditional meaning gives more useful (or more often useful) information. There are a very large number of conventions from which players can choose; many books have been written, detailing the auction agreements. The known conventions are Stayman (to ask the 1NT introber bidder to show a main color with four cards), Jacoby transfers (a request for (normally) weak hand for the partner to first offer a certain color and thus become the lone player) and the Blackwood Convention (to ask for information on the number of aces and kings used in Slam auction situations). Unlike its predecessor Whist, the objective of the bridge is not easy to take most of the towers in a case. [18] Instead, it is a matter of successfully assessing the number of tricks that can be done with the partnership. [19] To illustrate this, Spades` simpler partner trick game has a similar mechanism: The usual trick taking rules apply with the color of the spade trump, but at the beginning of the game players offer or appreciate the number of points they can earn, and the number of sting points offered by the two players in partnership are added. If a partnership makes at least as many stitches, it gets points for the round; Otherwise, they will receive penalty points. (b) bridge contracts interfere with competition premiums and contract agents limit their use in accordance with this paragraph. Contract agents can only use a bridge contract if it is not possible to award the timely follow-up contract to meet government requirements. A bridge contract can then be affixed – the merchant opens the auction and can make the first call, and the auction takes place clockwise.

[c] When it`s their turn, a player can pass – but enter the auction later – or offer a contract that indicates either the amount of his contract and the color of the trump card, or no trump (name) provided it is higher than a player`s last bid, including his partner. [23] All commandments promise to make a series of points out of six, so that a commandment must be between one (seven points) and seven (thirteen points). One command is higher than another if the level is higher (for example. B 2♣ above 1NT) or if the unit value is higher, the order being higher: ♣, ♦, ♥, ♠ and NT (no trump). [23] Calls can be made orally or with an auction box or digitally in an online bridge.