If you wish, you can name a monitor in your replacement agreement. If you do, your monitor must monitor the activities of your agents and ensure that they comply with the terms of your representation agreement. 2. The absence of a monitor designation in a representation agreement for which a monitor is required in accordance with subsection 1 invalidates a provision approved in accordance with Clause 7, paragraph 1, point b). (e) there has been an irregularity in the establishment, use or revocation of a representation agreement (7) In the event of an irregularity in the performance of a representation agreement, a person named in the contract as a representative may ask the court that the agreement is not void because of the defect alone. Contains information about representation agreements in general, and the page menu on the page contains a RA 7 fact sheet, a RA 9 fact sheet, a list of resources and links. It may be useful to see what non-current financial management is to understand what “routine” means: according to the BC Representation Agreement Act, there are usually two types of representation agreements that you can enter into: an agreement with “limited powers” – sometimes called Clause 7 Representation Agreement – and an agreement that includes “general powers” – sometimes called Clause 9 Representation Agreement. Generally speaking, the types of decisions you can authorize your representative in a Section 7 agreement are important, but generally not as intrusive or potentially controversial as those that can be included in a Section 9 agreement. A Section 7 agreement is generally sufficient to cover your daily care needs. 3. In a representation agreement under this section, the representative may, where a representative is authorized to give or deny the adult consent to health care, give or refuse the health care necessary to sustain life.

8. When a monitor withdraws, dies, becomes incapable or, for some other reason, becomes incapable of acting as a custodian, the power conferred on each representative by the representation agreement is suspended until (a) is not terminated solely because the adult is not subsequently able to enter into a representation agreement that confers that power on a representative. Representation agreement is a legal planning document that allows you to choose the person or people who make decisions that are important to you or help you make decisions when you are no longer able to make decisions.