Emails that are not junk emails are sent to the junk email mailbox. I tried to find the “No scrap” option, but it can`t be found. I go to the view, the option to adjust the toolbar and then, like the “thumb down” button (undesirable), I don`t despite the newcomers the latest version of Tbird have inbox problems – one-rpar messages don`t show up` comma; it will work (A) messages don`t appear, but reappear when I “delete them quickly.” (B) Can`t find post messages after recording like drafts, can`t find anywhere in the latest version of Tbird.f C) in the window on The Why not Adobe Flash Player page, if the work was downloaded down to quest; I just filed Ubuntu and loaded adobe Flash Player 11 and I checked it and it there , but its not working. So I can`t play games on Facebook. Why, what`s going on.