(e) tax relief for an investment in a company or company that, after the investment, is eligible for a tax reduction. These terms and conditions of sale (terms and conditions or agreement) define the terms and conditions of the agreement between you as a member of SyndicateRoom and a user of the platform (you or a member), Syndicate Room Ltd (SyndicateRoom or SR) and, if applicable, a designated candidate. Together, Syndicate Room Ltd and the Nominee are called “us” and “us.” The platform refers to the website managed by SR under the commercial name SyndicateRoom. 7 Dilution Any participation you have taken is diluted. It is very likely that in the future the company will have to raise several additional rounds of capital, which may require the issuance of additional shares to existing shareholders of the company and/or to new investors. Therefore, the share of the company to which your shares correspond at the time of your investment may be diluted later by such (s) subsequent issuance (s) of shares. If the business grows in value, it means you would have “a smaller piece of a bigger cake”; If the business doesn`t increase in value, it means you`d have “a smaller piece of the same size or a smaller cake.” “subscription funds” of subscription funds for investments in a holding company made available to the director by the investor; and SyndicateRoom, Syndicate Room Limited, authorized and regulated by the FCA (with reference number 613021). 10. They acknowledge that all investments made through the platform are made entirely at the investor`s own risk (as the case may be) and, subject to the terms of the subscription contract or investment agreement, are based on the investor`s judgment (as the case may be). 18.2 SyndicateRoom participates in the Financial Services Compensation Scheme set up under the FSMA, which provides compensation to a legitimate investor for a company`s inability to meet its debts to its customers.

Payments under the protected investment system are limited to a $50,000 debt limit. For more information, please contact SyndicateRoom. However, the investor is cautioned that if he is considered a professional client, he may not be allowed to participate according to the criteria of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme and that he is also warned that the inability of an investment to obtain a financial return is by no means a basis for a debt under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.