If you or a member of your party is unlucky enough to suffer illnesses, injuries or deaths during your leave from an activity that is not part of the agreements we have entered into, we will give you, at our discretion and prior agreement, any assistance that we can provide through first aid, including the initial legal costs associated with it, up to a maximum of USD 5,000 per booking. You must request this assistance within 90 days of the date of the accident and, in the event of a successful claim of fees against a third party or appropriate insurance coverage, the LPGs must reimburse you for the costs incurred. The parent company notifies PGP immediately after receiving the financing of the PGL debt and, once executed, sends correct and complete copies of the final agreements without delay. However, please note that we do not assume any responsibility for air or sea carriers whose individual transport conditions apply and which are often subject to international agreements. We cannot be held responsible for the failure or inability of a device or computer program to recognize a date as the true or correct date, to interpret or process correctly, or to continue to function properly beyond that date. If there is a problem with the holidays, we want to hear about it as soon as possible. All concerns should be immediately brought to the attention of the centre manager/senior and we will do everything we can to get things in order for you. Please note that we are not responsible for any problems you knew, but we did not report during your vacation. Any reported problems that have not been resolved to your satisfaction during your holiday should be communicated in writing to PGL within 28 days of the end of your holiday. The parent company cannot and must not allow any of its related companies to take, undertake or enter into transactions that could reasonably affect, delay or prevent the financing of PGL debt in the PGL refinancing letter (unless the parent has received irrevocably (except on the condition that the transaction is completed) resources equal to the amount of PGL debt financing. The 1992 package travel regulations, packages and packages require us to provide the guarantee for the funds you pay for packages booked with PGL and for your repatriation in case of insolvency. We offer this security through a loan from ABTA.

Details here will be published in good faith in December 2020. All cancellations must be confirmed to us in writing as soon as possible by email holidays@pgl.co.uk. Please note that cancellation fees will be charged from the date we receive a written notice and we therefore recommend that you contact us as soon as you know the need to cancel the leave. It may be possible (in addition) to change the date or passengers on your booking as an alternative to a full cancellation, if you wish to receive an offer or discuss your options, call us on 0333 321 2114. If you have PGL insurance, you can use these funds (minus any supplements). Please contact fogg Travel Insurance Services directly on 01623 631331 to discuss and initiate your application. The final documents relating to the financing of PGL debt authorize and approve any transaction under this agreement, including the issuance of the HoldCo note in the amount and manner provided here. If this means that you must pay more than 10% of the price of the holiday, you have the right to cancel your vacation with a full refund of all the money paid, with the exception of the vacation insurance premium and the change fee paid to us.