On the GOV website regarding the conditions that must be met to terminate a lease: ask the court for the landlord/agent to repair the infringement (. B for example, they make repairs that you have requested) or stop violating the contract (for example. B stop infringing your privacy). Well, that was supposed to happen, didn`t it? The theme of how to end a lease seems like the natural step of progress after blogging about how to extend a lease. Certainly, both themes are just as unworkable to write (and probably read when it is not relevant to your current needs) as the other, but undeniably important and inevitable steps to be an owner. Despite popular belief and as difficult as it can sometimes be, a lease should be terminated/terminated by proper legal procedures. While you follow the path defined by powers that may not always be the most desirable methods, especially if you are dealing with unscrupulous tenants, brain, who cheat on the system and refuse to leave, it is always better to bend and play by the rules (I know that this can sometimes be good-wrenching). This is usually the safest and cheapest option, although typically a slow and painful process. It can often look like a slow death. If you have a periodic common lease, you can notify the termination of your lease without the consent of the other tenants, unless your lease says otherwise.

It is important to be aware that if you finish your rent, it ends for everyone. I think it is the opposite of section 21, in a way. Instead of the lessor who sends the termination, the tenant decides to initiate the departure by decision to postpone (rescission). In principle, the tenant informs the landlord that he wishes to abandon the tenancy agreement and evacuate him on that date. For fixed-term contracts of 3 years or less, the break tax is as follows: you either have a “fixed-term lease” that expires on a given date, or a “periodic lease” is pursued. B, for example, every month or week. A periodic lease is also called a “rolling lease.” This fact sheet includes terminating a fixed-term lease. If you are in a current periodic lease agreement (if the fixed term is over or is not indicated), please see fact sheet 09: you would like to leave). You can only cancel your temporary rent prematurely if your contract stipulates that you can do so or by encouraging your landlord to accept the termination of Desachts. You cannot resign until the end of your temporary rent to leave. If you are a landlord and you are trying to terminate a rental agreement, I would advise you not to inform your tenants too early, as they may find a new home sooner than you are willing to let them escape.

If they evacuate early, you will create financial or logistical problems, I would carefully calculate strategically when would be the best time to inform them.