It’s the end of July and I’ve been gimping around for the last three weeks because of the foot that I probably broke falling off the ladder.

What does that have to do with my lovely wife Marilyn, you might ask.

Well it has a lot to do with her.

You see among Marilyn’s many talents (and things that bring her joy) remodeling is a big one.  I still remember the first time I came home from work to our little townhouse in Brooklyn Maryland and discovered that the wall separating the washer and dryer from a little utility room had been demolished.  There was my lovely wife, a look of satisfaction and intensity that (I’m afraid to say) I cannot bring to the same pique. 😉

I like to be handy, and that helps.  Truth be known I get worn out from working SOOO hard but I do have my moments and can “get ‘er done” with the best of ’em, especially when doing something that brings joy to my wife is involved.  Thus, in our almost 27 years of marriage we have torn down, put up, laid, removed and otherwise hung, taped, floated, toe-nailed, and (if you’ll take it in the correct vein) screwed just about anything that those things can be done to 😉

Our last big project was tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the living room and laying a floating wood laminate floor on the main level.  I knew something was up though, as the weather got nicer and Marilyn kept insisting that we get a storage space for the stuff in the garage.  Her motivation was not to be able to finally park in that single attached space though.

No, her motivation was to create!

So about the end of June, beginning of July we tore all the sheet rock and insulation out of the garage and have proceeded to hang four 4×4 sliding windows, an entry door and a 6 foot double French door.  We have also got the siding on the east wall back up and a very nice sub-floor in.  It’s been great fun, and now that we’re roughed in we just need to get the siding on and we can take our time crafting our new living room (oh and tearing down the wall where the house ended and the garage began).

We’re getting a little older though, and we’ve taken it easy this week (we needed the break).

I know Marilyn is getting restless though, and we really need to get finished.  I’m sure we’ll be back at it this weekend.

Marilyn just sees these things in her mind and knows what will look good.  She’s never wrong and I just love being a part of it.  I hope she reads this so she can truly know that it doesn’t “bug” me and I don’t “hate” it.  I love being a part of what makes my wife happy, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

Now where did I put that cordless drill?